What is Covid-19?

It is the family of viruses that causes diseases in animals.
Alive animals were used to sell at wet market of wuhan china and there are lots of chances that Alive animals had viruses with them. And it is difficult to maintain the hygiene standards due to alive animals.

It is said that “Bats” are the main cause of coronavirus.
Bats are host to a wide range of zoonotic viruses including Ebola, HIV and rabies.
It is possible that the virus is transferred to other animals from bats and now it is jumping on humans as well.
Two other coronaviruses – Middle East respiratory syndrome (Mers) and severe acute respiratory syndrome (Sars) are the further types of covid 19. “The droplets penetrates into body and then travles to respiratory system”

Strong immune system plays role in protecting from viruses.

Symptoms: Dry cough,dizziness,fever and a feeling of being unwell.

If you feel any symptom go to doctor at first hand for treatment please.
1) social distancing
2) keep washing hands with soap/sanitizer
3) eat fruits and vegetables as much as you can
4) drink lots of water
5) don’t eat food from restaurants.

Pray alot and alot, no one can help us accept HIM.

It’s a humble request please take it seriously. For the sake of your own life and for other people please stay at your homes.

Never lose your faith on ALLAH

Her insaan apni apni jagah ek “Jung” lar raha hai bus farq ye hai k kisi ki jung shuru hoi hai aur kisi ki jung apni akhri manzil ko ni phonch pa ri.

Sb apni apni jagah himmat se lar rehy hain muqabala ker rehy hain. Roz subha is umeed se uthty hain k aaj ka din behter hoga aur roz raat ko is umeed se sotay hain k anay wala din pechly se behtreen hoga aur isi umeed pe zindagi ko guzar rehain hain k kbi tu hamari ye “Jung” khatam ho hi jaye gi.

Tu sunain wo sb loog jo khud se jung ker rehy hain,apny halat se jung ker rehy hain,apni zindagi ko pur sakoon banany k liye jung ker rehy hain,apni beemari se lar rehain hain,ghurbat k agay haar ni maan rehy,azmaish se ghabra ni rehy aur khud ko ek mazboot darkht ki tarhan thamay howay hain “Ap yakeen kerain ALLAH apka sabr,taqwa aur apki na tutnay wali allah se umeed dekh raha hai”
Wo zarur sunay ga aur jawab dy ga. Hosla ni harna,wo apk her ek ansu ka gawah hai. Us se kuch poshida ni hai wo apko kbi girnay ni dy ga bus uspe pukhta emaan rakhain k ek din wo allah apko ap k sabr ka “SILA” zarur dy ga.

Waqt mushkil hai lakin kat jaye ga. Himmat,sabr aur hoslay se kaam lain wo zaat apko bikharnay ni dy gi.
Aur jb bhi koi azmaish aaye tu allah se kehna k mai tyaar hun allah sabr kerny k liye, kyun k sabr kerny walon pe allah ki khas rehemat hoti hai.

Aur ek baat “duniya mein jitni azmaishain hungi akhirat mein utna hi ajar hoga”

Bus allah ki rehemat se kbi mayus ni hona :’) allah behtreen kere ga INSHAHALLAH 🙂

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